May 8.2019

Wilderness: The Gateway to the Soul

In the book, Wilderness: The Gateway to the Soul, by Scott Stillman, he writes, “Time is precious, we shouldn’t waste it. Really? Is time precious? What’s more precious, time or the present moment? Up here, clock time is gone. Distractions are gone. In their place – peace, pure essence. The essence of life.” He writes this during his trek into the remote Powderhorn Wilderness in the southwestern part of Colorado. 

While reading this, it caused me to stop and reflect. I so often get caught up on time. How much time I get to spend with loved ones is big for me. The reality is, it is not about the time we spend together, but being in the present moment during those times. 

Stop reading for a moment and be in your present moment. What do you smell? What do you hear? What do you see? What do you feel – inside and out? The senses come alive when we are present. Let’s remember to be present with ourselves and with our loved ones. Time is fleeting, but present moments are precious and in the words of Scott Stillman, “peace, pure essence!” The secret to life is NOW. 

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