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What is Your Purpose?

There are two truths I believe in, and they have a funny way of contradicting each other. The first truth is, we are perfect exactly how we are, and the second is, life is a continuous journey of self-improvement. How can we be perfect exactly how we are and simultaneously working to improve? If we are perfect, then why the need for improvement? Here lies the contradiction. 

I have wrestled with these two truths for quite some time, years actually. My thoughts on this have led me to a deeper understanding of what our true purpose is. I will do my best here to share and expand on my thoughts.

When considering your purpose, we often put such pressure on the need to have to be some amazing person who achieves some grand accomplishment(s). What if you are amazing and grand just as you are? Well, you are. Each one of us is perfect exactly how we are. In fact, we are a miracle. Each one of us is a freaking miracle. When you think about how you ended up here alive and the 30 trillion cells that make you up, and how our bodies are so perfectly built to live, sustain, and thrive, you are indeed a freaking miracle! 

You see, each one of us was intended to be ourselves from the start. It is okay to be YOU. It is that simple. Ok, it sounds simpler than it is at first. Do you even know who you are? Have you spent the time and done the work to go inward? It is time to take a walk into yourself. It is time to continually live in presence and be aware of why you are doing what you are doing. It is time to align this great tapestry we are making with who our true selves are. It is time to reintroduce yourself to yourself without the old stories. Likewise, it is time for me to reintroduce me to myself, not my belief of me. Who are you? Who am I? The true answers to these questions are how we are supposed to live. 

When we stay true to ourselves, and just be, we contribute a great deal to society. I understand saying to “just be” is a little more extensive than how it sounds. I mean, what does that even mean, to “just be”? Be means YOU. To be the best version of you, it is imperative you learn, teach, and love. 

What would happen if each of us lived this purpose?… I mean truly lived this? What would it be like if we each showed up consistently asking the questions what can I learn here? What can I teach here? Am I showing up in love (love of self and others)?

It’s time we stop overthinking what our purpose is. It’s time we stop searching for some grandiose purpose in life. Folks, showing up to learn, to grow and to love is far greater than anything you can imagine. 

You see, our purpose is simple and simultaneously powerful. We are all meant to shine. As we let our own light shine, we give permission for others to do the same. Lead by example. Shine your light. Always be learning. Always be teaching. Always be loving. What a bright light on the world you shine. 

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