Oct 1.2019

What did you do to make someone happy today?

What did you do to make someone happy today? What did someone do to make you happy today? What did YOU do to make yourself happy today? 

It is inefficient to spend time blaming others for your unhappiness. Instead, utilize that energy to create your own joy. Grab a hold of life and own that shit! 

We are all deeply flawed individuals with a desperate need to feel happiness, connection and love. Let’s recognize that about ourselves and have patience and compassion for others. It starts with YOU. Do you love yourself? Do you create your own happiness? What are you doing to be connected to community? Get out of your own way. Make peace and happiness your priority. Make YOU your priority and the rest will fall into place. Take responsibility for YOU. 

We only get one chance at this thing called life. Rock it! 

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