Warrior Consulting Partners specializes in creating and sustaining transformational change and solving sales performance challenges. We are 100% committed to understanding your organization’s vision for the future and to work with you to develop actionable plans to execute results and achieve success.


Creating World-Class Organizations

Organizational Structure

• Culture
• Cross-functional alignment
• Organizational Design
• Channel Management

Talent Strategy

• Recruiting & Hiring
• Performance Management
• Onboarding & Development
• Retention and Growth

Go-To-Market Strategy

• Segmentation
• Compensation
• Coverage Model
• Channel Strategy


Technology, Data & Analytics

• Metrics & Measures
• Predictive Analytics
• Data Strategy
• Tech Stack(s)

Sales Leadership

• Developing People
• Sales Coaching
• Teaming & Engagement
• Communications & Advocacy


• Goal Setting & Territory Assignment
• Compensation & Reward
• Reporting & Forecasting
• Deal Desk & Support


Improving Sales Performance

Generating & Managing Opportunities

• Selection & Targeting
• Prospecting
• Funnel Management
• Opportunity Planning & Execution
• Customer Conversation Skills

Growing Relationships

• Account Management
• Large Account Management
• Customer Success
• Feedback Loop

Sales Enablement

• Sales Plays & Sales Playbooks
• Value Messaging
• Tool Creation & Utilization
• Insights & Messaging


Sample Projects

These are some sample projects that Holly excels at. She loves to think outside the box and customize projects to meet your exact needs.
  • Pricing Conversations
  • Long term sales plans (growth and scalability)
  • Defining sales process
  • Creating custom sales funnels
  • Developing buyer personas and buyer journey maps
  • Implementing sales coaching
  • Keynote addresses (sample topics: becoming world class, being the expert and thinking on your feet)
  • Opportunity Management Process development
  • Sales Enablement Strategy
  • Honing individual presentation skills
  • Leadership Development
  • Short term goals and objectives aligned to long term sales plan
  • Creating cultural adoption plans
  • Define sales roles goals and objectives
  • Recruiting, interviewing, and hiring (right person, right role)
  • Defining sales metrics/competencies (accountability, quotas, MBO’s)
  • Training path for new reps
  • Training path for existing team (identify needs and tie to timeline and budget)
  • On-boarding
  • Content audit and strategy development
  • Sales organization design
  • Channel strategy and development
  • Virtual Customer Conversations


Holly is certified to deliver and facilitate the following programs, all of which can be customized to fit the unique needs of your organization.

Strategic Selling with Perspective

Win complex deals with a scalable, insights-driven approach to opportunity management.

Conceptual Selling with Perspective

Develop meeting strategies that lead to better outcomes.

Large Account Management Process (LAMP®)

Create a long-term roadmap for your most strategic accounts.

Spin® Selling Conversations

Helps sellers master the art of customer conversations. Includes immersive exercises and activities that help participants acquire the skills they need to own the dialogue.

Professional Sales Coaching™

Hone the framework, communication skills and planning tools you need to build a winning sales team. Develop better coaches to develop better sales teams.

Strategic Selling® & Conceptual Selling® Coaching

Arms sales leaders with the sales management tools they need to consistently coach sales teams on the proper application of Strategic Selling® and Conceptual Selling® Concepts.

Funnel Management

Develop a customized sales funnel which tracks both the selling and buying process to improve forecasting accuracy.

Funnel Scorecard®

Provides sales organizations a method to quickly and systematically identify the best opportunities to pursue. This program offers the framework to make fact-based decisions around resource allocation and time management.

Industry Experience

Healthcare: Med Device, Pharma, Insurance
Technology, SaaS
Consulting Firms
Marketing, Digital Marketing
Office Supplies & Equipment
Sales, Sales Management
Financial Institutions
Manufacturing: Electronics, Automotive, Aerospace, Industrial