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The Lonely Side of Growth

The purpose of this writing is to acknowledge all who have embarked on the path of personal growth. You have chosen difficult work. I recognize the complexity entailed and I see you. 

One of the challenges that is often not talked about is the loneliness that comes with you starting to grow. I want to call this out, for it is helpful to know this is normal. 

You will get lonely when you initiate growth. 

There is a period in everyone’s journey where they are so different because they are starting to do new things and now no longer fit in with their old set of friends. Simultaneously, they are not sufficiently developed that they have gained their new set of friends. Their old friends say things like, “Oh, not drinking again? Gosh, you are more fun when you are drinking. Can’t you just have a little fun? Too good for us, are you?” or, “Not going out again this week? Oh, okay, well enjoy staying at home and reading.” 

That lonely chapter in the middle is something that no one I have ever met who has gone from a place where they are to a place where they want to be has not gone through.

This lonely space and time will arguably be the best thing for you. You may just meet yourself for the first time. Your growth will be tested by solitude because stagnation is caused by distraction. 

It is hard, but the end result, amazing. Embrace YOUR journey and stay with it. 

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