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Stay on Trail

Recently I was part of a weekend adventure with some amazing women (hiking, cold plunging, yoga…). I only took one picture that day, and I keep coming back to that picture in my thoughts. Whenever something tugs at me enough, I feel it’s probably worth sharing. The picture posted here is the one that has done all the tugging this week. 

Stay on Trail

As I began a mindful hike, I saw this sign posted early on the trail. Of course, the meaning of the sign is obvious in intent. However, it struck me with much more of a message. 

The message is simple. We get to choose our path in life. In fact, daily, we make many decisions that are our choices. These choices continually establish and reestablish our own self path. Along our own life journey people will often not agree with or even understand the path we take, and many will judge us harshly along the way. The posted sign for me was a reminder to stay on my trail, stay on my chosen path.   

From the time we are born, we are told what path to be on. We are told what to think and what to believe. The messages are sometimes spoken and sometimes go unspoken. Regardless, we endlessly follow them as truths. At some point, we hopefully become independent thinkers and discern our own truth. 

Some people are raised, and although unspoken, it is known you will work in the family business. Some people are raised being told they will go to a specific college or university because that is where their parents went and oh, by the way, that is where they met and fell in love and that is also where their aunts and uncles and grandfather went. Therefore, that is where they will go. The path of going to college or not isn’t even a question. They will go and furthermore, this is where they will go…  A predetermined trail for their life. 

Sometimes our path and given beliefs come from not only the family we are born into, but the location of our family home. Growing up in Boston pretty much meant I was raised Catholic, which meant there is a Jesus Christ, son of God, that died on the cross for our sins and there was certainly a Blessed Virgin Mother Mary. Growing up in Boston also meant it was weak to put the heat on before Nov 1st, and it also meant The Red Sox are the best team in baseball, regardless of their record. At this point in my life, I believe in a higher power. I don’t know if that is Jesus Christ or God or if there is or ever was a Blessed Virgin Mother Mary. I believe in turning the heat on when I am cold, regardless of the date on the calendar. I find this not weak, but wise. And yes, the Red Sox are the best team in baseball, ALWAYS, regardless of their record. 😉

Our families and friends mean no harm by pushing their beliefs and expectations. It is comfortable to be alike. People like comfort. It is safe and therefore seems “right.” We must remember life is happening just on the other side of our comfort zone. What is “right” for you? What do you truly believe in and how do you want to live YOUR life? We only get one chance at this thing called life. We ought to be LIVING it. Stay on YOUR trail!

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