March 12.2020

Short exercise that can change your life.

Short exercise that can change your life. Take a piece of paper out. Doesn’t have to be any kind of fancy journal, a simple sheet of paper will do. Write down your answers to the below questions. When you read the question, what answers come to mind first? Write that. Don’t think. Just write. After you have written your answers, go back and read what you wrote. That will be your time to think. 

Who are the people you value in life? Why? 

Who are the people that value you? Why? How do you know? 

What are your core values? Are you living in alignment with them? Are the people in your circle living in alignment with them? 

Who are the 5 people you spend the most time with? Do they treat you like the amazing being you are? How do you treat them? Is it equitable? 

Final and most important question… What are your a-has and what are YOU going to do about them? 

We only get one chance at this thing called life. Go rock it! 

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