Peace Tribe

Over the past year, I’ve been noticing the people who show up for me. This can be physically, or simply by a call or text. Through this exploration, I’ve discerned some of my family and closest friends, may show up for a phone call for example, but never even ask how I am. I am paying attention to a simple question of, “How are YOU?”  I don’t have any ill feelings about those who aren’t showing up, but rather I am highlighting the special people who are. Over this past year, I keep coming back to these people and this concept of what I am calling my Peace Tribe. 

Things to think about: Who shows up for you? Take inventory. Take notice. Hold them tight. Show appreciation. Honor your Peace Tribe. Are you showing up for people? Who are you showing up for? Whose tribe do you belong to? Is there someone you can show up for that is maybe outside your norm of people? When we start to look at us all as one and how we can belong together, peace happens. How do we expand ourselves and ultimately expand our tribe? It’s all about the Peace Tribe baby!

We only get one chance at this thing called life. Go rock it!

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1 thought on “Peace Tribe”

  1. I appreciate this blog. One thing I have learned in recent months that I only want to be around the people who are my peace-tribe, & that doesn’t necessarily mean people that I am in contact every week. I’ve had a friend now for 50 years. That’s a long time. We sometimes go for months or maybe even a year without calling, texting or whatever. In the last week & a half I have spent a ton of time with her. I was at her house once & she has been back to my house twice. I needed some technology help which she is whizz at & I am just NOT. Both times she showed up to my house with little goodies she knows i would like. I in turn cooked meals for her I knew she would enjoy. She left yesterday saying that even though we dont see each other often, when we do it’s like we were 50 years ago. I’ve always cherished her friendship. Sometimes I will reach out to someone to initiate getting together. More often than not, they want to. I might do that once ir twice, but if after that they dont initiate something then that is that. I know they are not interested in cultivating a friendship & that’s ok. Take time for the friends & family you have & love & who love & support YOU. You can also branch out & offer to help someone in need. Just show up & be there.

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