May 7.2019

Lessons from the mat

Lessons from the mat…. While in yoga class, my instructor said, “It’s not just flexibility and strength, but rather a compliment of the two.” When thinking about flowing through yoga poses, what she said makes good sense; flexibility and strength make for an easier flow and when depending on one more than the other, it becomes difficult. I think her words were meant to be taken literal, but as I continued through my practice, I couldn’t help but contemplate the metaphor these words created in mind. 

When reflecting about relationships, intimate and otherwise, it is the balance of flexibility and strength that make things flow with ease. In relationships, strength is about self and flexibility is about compromise. Strength is having a sense of self and creating healthy boundaries that one upholds. Flexibility is being able to stay true to yourself while also capable of compromise. In yoga, the compliment of strength and flexibility is not always easy, and this is true in relationships. However, when we find that balance, the flow is amazing. Flow on my friends. 

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