Feb 10.2020

Food plant-based way of eating

When I first transitioned to a whole food plant-based diet, I thought I discovered the holy grail. What I have come to learn is I was only scratching the surface. 

I can’t get enough of learning and experimenting with what is the optimal health. Through my journey, I have discovered there is no one prescriptive way to define or achieve that optimal health. We are all individuals and although we are of the same species, our fabric is quite different. Yes, there are fundamental truths that science backs up regarding what is “best,” but there are slight variations within those truths. 

For ME, a whole food plant-based way of eating is my rock and foundation for the rest of my health components. Around that core has expanded to include: movement, breathing, sleep, connection (to self and others), space and silence, hydration, eating cycles (fasting and grazing) and within that fasting is inclusive of intermittent and 5-day water fasts, romance, play, environment, microbiome and gut health, connection to Earth…. 

Life is a continuous journey of self-improvement. Which of these components deserve my attention? Which ones am I neglecting? Those are the ones I start with. How about you? What components of your health are you neglecting? Do you need help getting started or being held accountable? Reach out for help if you need it. YOU are worth it. YOU are worth being the best version of yourself. Where you are today is the best you for today. What will be the best you for tomorrow? 

We only get one chance at this thing called life. Rock it! 

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