Feb 3.2020

“Be a force for good shit.”

“Be a force for good shit.” My good friend shared this line with me a few weeks ago and I keep coming back to it in my mind. 

Do you know who you are? Do you know what you really want? Do you know what you are actually capable of? Each one of us IS truly capable of “being a force for good shit.” 

It is so easy to let days go by. All the moments just continue to collect and ultimately pass us. We often dream big and then are overwhelmed with the path to get us there. 

When we break down our lives by small chunks of time, it makes the incredible manageable. For example, the person who says, “I can’t meditate. I can’t sit still that long.” When you ask them, “Ok, would you be willing to start by trying to meditate for three minutes a day?” They usually say, “Yes, I can probably do three minutes. That seems manageable.” In this example, the person is overwhelmed with the big chunk, but the smaller chunk works for them. Often people don’t bother with the small chunk because it feels like it is meaningless. Let’s do the math on this “meaningless” task… three minutes a day of meditating equals… 21 minutes per week, 90 minutes per month, and 1,095 minutes per year. AND, that is assuming the person never increased their time. You and I both know, over time, three minutes would seem easy and their daily time would extend. The person could have done nothing, instead ended up accomplishing over 1,000 minutes. 

Small actions taken daily add up and amount to much more than we ever believed. Most of us vastly underestimate what we can accomplish. 

What is one small thing you can do that is for GOOD… Good for you, or good for your family/friends, or good for your community, or even good for the World? Think big my friends and take the small incremental steps to make it happen. Each of us owes it to ourselves to “Be a force for good shit.” 

We only get one chance at this thing called life. Rock it! 

Special thanks to Melissa Watters Lowney for sharing the line that inspired me. 

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