My purpose in life is to help create meaningful change from within. This quest started straight out of college as a 6th grade math teacher and high school basketball coach. I spent another 20 plus years in sales, sales training, and business leadership while also fostering a love for coaching others on their personal journey. Throughout my life experience there has always been a common thread; my desire and innate ability to help.  Whether it be helping an individual person be their best self or creating change from the inside out of small and large organizations, I am repeatedly successful at making a difference. Simply put, I am dedicating my life’s work to be a transformational guru.

Transformation can happen in two ways; through driving change inside your organization or creating personal change from within. Are you looking to build a world class organization? Or are looking to live your best life?  Either way, we only get one chance, so let us make it the best we are capable of and rock it!

“Where do I even begin to talk about how special of a person Holly is! I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Holly on a project I led for my company to launch a new sales model. It was a key priority for the development of our Field Commercial Organization in 2019. Holly helped to align content to teach the team with the objectives of our session and invested a lot of energy into making sure the team understood “what’s in it for me?” related to adopting SPIN Selling. She came along with me to three separate back to back meetings across the country to help execute awesome training sessions. Our sales team LOVED her energy and passion in addition to taking a lot away from the workshops to evolve their selling skills. Holly did such a fantastic job, that we partnered with her again at 2020 National Sales Meeting, which had unbelievably positive feedback. I have never seen the sales team so energized, focused, empowered and prepared to drive change with their customers than at the end of this meeting. The Sales reps continue to anchor back to the teachings from that meeting and I know that Holly has made a significant impact on each and every one of them. If you’re in the pharma/biotech space, you know the amount of energy, time, and financial investment involved in planning and executing a high impact, meaningful experience that elevates your team at POAs and NSMs. Holly is driven by heart, talent, and instinct and is loved by all. Thanks for being an incredible consultant partner, and now someone I call a friend Holly!”
Associate Director Commercial Training & Development
"Holly has an uncommon ability to understand unique consumer perspectives and implement integral sales improvement strategies that align with growth expectations. She articulates a disciplined approach to understanding the needs of an organization to develop and deploy relevant tools for success. She is an outstanding motivator and engages her audience with passion and knowledge!”
SVP Global Commercial Operations