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Transformational Guru

Holly R. McDonough

Holly is a visionary leader bringing over 20 years of progressive leadership in sales and business management. She has driven a multitude of global sales transformations, managed multi-tiered sales teams in complex selling environments and leveraged process as a tool to deliver outstanding results. Holly has a passion for operating in dynamic environments and is a true organizational change agent.

Work With Warrior Consulting Partners

Warrior Consulting Partners specializes in creating and sustaining transformational change and solving sales performance challenges.  We are 100% committed to understanding your organization’s vision for the future and to work with you to develop actionable plans to execute results and achieve success.

Transformation: Organizational

Are you looking to build a World-Class Organization?


Transform your organization and demonstrate your willingness to adapt to the changing market landscape. Attract and retain top talent, uncover new revenue streams, and ensure your organization is consistently aligned to meet business objectives.


Explore your internal framework to determine the right people are in the right places. Discover whether your organization has the support to enable process and policies to drive consistency; and they link key change initiatives to maximize success.


In today’s competitive landscape, companies must be structured to meet and exceed growing customer expectations, and sales executives need to continuously adapt. Warrior Consulting Partners uses a research-based diagnostic framework to analyze, diagnose and transform your sales organization. We look at your entire sales system ensuring continuous integration and alignment.

Life Coach

Discover how you can achieve your life’s purpose and be the best version of yourself. It is time to tap into your full potential so you can start living with intention.

Health Coach

You already have exactly what you need for your highest health. Tap into your own insight and intrinsic healing to discover something you may not have otherwise observed. It is time to unlock that innate wisdom and create a foundation of health. Get in the driver’s seat of your life!

Nutrition Consulting

Arguably the single most important health decision you make is what food goes into your body. Through an integrated approach, you will understand your relationship with food and discover what works best for you and your body and why. It is time to live your healthiest lifestyle!

Transformation: Individual

Are you looking to live your best life?